Dana Tokley

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Dana "Bear" Tokley Grew up in the city of Camden, NJ. he is a product of its his mentor Andre T. Sauls. Currently a community actvist for the city of Camden, Nj. He is committed to moving the City forward–to reignite its place as a strong economic, cultural and governmental player in the region. Teaching on Relationships and the importance of Men stepping up in the family and the city. His life experiences have shaped into the visionaire he is today. His  is dedicated and determined to give back to the City that has given so much to him.  Mr Tokley is the proud onwer of Pleasant Cuts mobile barber shop. Which is plays a key role in the health care field for people of disabilties. In addtion he is the founder on Nedmac, a non profit oganization with the sole purpose of turning the city of Camden around. Dana has two child that look up to him as their superhero as he looks forward to being the example before them.